En route avec Britax Römer

The first podcast dedicated to child safety while on the road, with Securange.

Lack of advice, time or ignorance of regulations, 20% of French people admit having made with their child a car trip of more than 30 minutes without a suitable car seat.*

For baby's safety in the car, as soon as it leaves the maternity, the car seat must be chosen with great care. Safety, comfort, ease of use ... each episode of En route avec Britax Römer offers information and expert advice to future and young parents to ensure

with baby a trip in complete safety and peace of mind.

*Source State of Safety Britax Pan-European Study March 2015

Being since 1966 one of the leading brands in car seats and a pioneer in innovation with the invention of ISOFIX, Britax Römer wants in this mini-series of 3 podcasts to help parents better understand children's safety while ont the road, in the company of Marilyne Kairo from the Sécurange blog.


Choosing the right car seat from birth

For this first episode of En route avec Britax Römer, Maryline Kairo from the Sécurange blog talks about the different car seats and the one that is most suitable for infants. Which car seat to choose from birth to properly secure your child?

Our expert gives her precious advice and shares her experiences as a young mother.


Rearward facing, a hot topic

This episode of En route avec Britax Römer focuses on rearward facing. Today, the R44 regulation requires baby to travel rearward facing up to 9kg while the new R129 (i-size) standard requires rearward facing up to 15 months.

What is rearward facing? What are the advantages ? Are there any downsides? "It's 5 times safer and absolutely not uncomfortable for the child," insists Marilyne Kairo of the Sécurange blog.


Top of the most common mistakes to avoid

A recent study showed that 2/3 of children were badly installed in the car for various reasons, recalls this episode of En route avec Britax Römer.

Marilyne Kairo of the Sécurange blog compiles the most common mistakes to avoid and gives her essential advice to make baby safe in the car.

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